Current Date:

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Annual Meeting of Health Promotion Managers in the States Convenes

Khartoum - Federal Minister of Health in collaboration with the Primary Health Care and Health Promotion

organized recently the annual meeting of health promotion managers in the states.
Federal Minister of Health, Bahar Idris Abu Garda called on the heads of departments of health and basic health care promotion in the states to exert efforts to avoid worsening of cases of watery diarrhea after the decline of the disease in the country.
In the annual meeting of health promotion managers in the states, the minister revealed that there are some challenges facing some states to reduce the spread of watery diarrhea by taking the necessary measures from the provision of medicines, solutions and health staff, promising the unification of organizational and administrative structures to promote health in the states to build capacity and improve infrastructure to reach the desired goals and objectives, praising the active role of the said departments in the decline of watery diarrhea by raising awareness among all sectors of the society.
For his part, Director of Health Promotion Department at the Ministry of Health, Khalafallah Abdul Moneim said that the meeting aims to develop the knowledge and skills of health promotion of the said managers in the state, pointing to the importance of expanding the base of partnerships between health promotion departments with relevant bodies and benefit from available opportunities and resources.
The meeting discussed the report of the health promotion plan and the coordination between the health promotion managers and the local and international organizations.