Current Date:

Thursday, 23 November 2017

NMSF: Medical Supplies Corporation Faces Foreign Currency Scarcity

Khartoum - Director of the National Medical Supplies Fund, Dr. Jamal Khalafallah, revealed the challenges of supply

, namely, the scarcity of foreign exchange and the constant change in the exchange rate bank transfers and the absence of therapeutic protocols besides changing the prescription drug prescription practices.

He noted that State-funded medicines amounted to $124 million in 2017.
The state health insurance managers are required to provide pharmacies belonging to the National Medical Supplies Fund in the States to ensure that the medication reaches the target to prevent it from leaking to private pharmacies, in addition to supporting statistical and information systems and convergence between health insurance bodies and the Ministry of Health and supplies in the states.

The joint plan to achieve universal health coverage is that the efforts of the Federal Ministry of Health, Dr. Issam Eddin Mohamed Abdallah, First Under Secretary at the Ministry of Health  said the Ministry of Health and the Ministries of Finance, Social Security and finance were able to close the funding gap by approximately 1 billion pounds.

In the same vein, the Director of the Department of Population coverage of the National Health Insurance Fund, Dr. Bashir Mohammed Mahi, said that health financing faces many challenges among them are poor health-oriented financing and the lack of optimal utilization of available funds for lack of capacity, weak medical service procurement system and weak Health services provided in rural and peripheral areas.