Current Date:

Friday, 17 November 2017

Echo: Normalization Is Not A Magic Solution

Normalization of relations means to make it normal; but it is not an easy task to transform the hatred and hostility relations in few years into normal relations.
Accordingly, the best classification of establishing relations with Israel – at this stage – is not normalization but it could be classified as ending of the boycott.
As for Camp David Agreement it could also be described as stop war agreement and not normalization.
The above introduction comes within the current talk and calls for normalization of relations with Israel.
The promoters of normalization calls think that it represents the magic solution to our crises.
They argue that why should we boycott Israel while the Palestinians themselves overcome the boycott, a matter that suggests that Sudan is postponing an available option.
Those promoters of normalization with Israel think that the Zionist State will rush towards Sudan as soon as Khartoum Announces normalization.
They think that Israel will be happy because an Arab State became a sisterly country.
But if they recall Mauritania experience in this regard which normalized its relations with Israel they will recognize that their assumptions are wrong.
Israel will not volunteer to resolve any problem of any Arab state just because the later opened an embassy in Tel Aviv.
Israel knows very well the degree of danger of each country and the benefits of establishing relations with this country or that.
The logical progression is not jumping to the so-called normalization, but to move to non-hostility stage to avoid the attacks of Israel as happened in Eastern Sudan and Al-Yarmouk Factory.
Normalization is not a status which Sudan demands and Israel Responds.
Normalization Is Not A Magic Solution