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Friday, 17 November 2017

Echo: Police Authorities .. Thumbs Up

Numbeo  is a collaborative online database which enables online users to share and compare crowd-sourced information about the cost of living between countries and cities, its includes a list of 117 countries in the world, arranged by countries with high levels of crime in various forms, to countries with the lowest rates of crime.
Numbeo issues the famous database of the international indicator of crime including classification of the117 states of the world.
In its last bi-annual indicator, Numbeo reported that Sudan has ranked number one in Africa as the safest country in terms of crime rates.
Sudan came on top with a balance of 35.05 points followed by Tunisia with 40.94 points, Ghana with 46.99 points and Morocco with 48.89 points.
It is noteworthy that Qatar has ranked number one in the international order with a balance of 84.30 points followed by Singapore 83.42 points Taiwan 82.76 points and Australia 80.75 points.
The significance of the indicator is that it is proves that our police authorities are doing well in prevention of crimes.
Secondly the indicator refutes the allegations that there is security instability in Sudan.
We are proud that we are classified as top of African countries in terms of safety and low registration of crimes.
This testimony of Numbeo should encourage our police authorities to exert more efforts to continue being on top through curbing crime which became transcontinental.
It is high time to honour the police authorities by granting it Achievement Order and Performance Star for the efforts exerted to bring Sudan on top in terms of safety.
Thumbs up to our police authorities