Current Date:

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Echo: No for Political Clowning

Parliament Speaker, Prof. Ibrahim Ahmed Omer has warned against escalation and negative mobilization against the United States of America in case the outstanding US sanctions are not eventually fully lifted. He called for refraining from reactive policy when dealing with this file as well as dispute with Egypt.
Prof. Omer called for continuing efforts to convince the US Administration and influential lobby groups there of the importance of the final lifting of the sanctions  by mirroring  their negative effects on the Sudanese people, saying that he is not in favor  of  mobilization and escalation against Washington.
The advice of Prof. Omer expresses political maturity.
Prof. is closer to the decision-makers and is one of the old guards of the salvation regime, so he recognizes what some of officials in the government and even in the NCP leading office are planning if the dreams of total lifting of sanctions vanished tomorrow after the announcement of the US Administration Executive Order on Sudan’s sanctions.
What Prof. Ibrahim said is the rational politics for any state that builds its programmes on strong and steadfast institutions.
Gone are the days when the government mobilizes the people to chant slogans like (Down, Down USA) because it doesn’t suit the upcoming stage in the relations between Sudan and the US Administration.
It is true that Sudan has achieved considerable progress in the five tracks, but it is also true that all this progress may collapse if the dossier is left to the big mouths and those who have ready political phrases and terms.
Beware of negative repercussions if the sanctions are maintained.