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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Talk of the Hour

Before the Axe Falls on the Head
We all know that the name of Iraq has been removed by America from the list of the countries that are accused of association with terrorism and extremism

.  Reasons given to justify such a measure are that Iraq has presently been involved in the fighting of terrorism and extremism and at its very territories. Definitely, such a move should be vehemently applauded. But there is a question that should be posed here; what about Sudan? Hopefully, it is name It will also be removed by America from this black list. Why? Because it has been authenticated that Sudan has now engaged in launching a fierce war against terrorism and extremism  which are a true and physical manifestation and representation of  Da’ish.  Sudan has been noticed as exerting utmost efforts in a bid to get rid of and putting an end to such criminal activities as quickly as possible. Through last year alone, Sudan had managed to arrest three of the most dangerous criminals globally on its territories. They have not only constituted a real threat to its security and stability locally, but externally as well. These three can be detailed as follows: Mu'iz Al Fazani, a Tunisian. He was arrested and sent to Tunisia to stand trial there. He is the mastermind of the Bardo attacks in Tunisia.
Mareed Berhani, an Eritrean, had been accused of leading the biggest operation in human trafficking. The Sudanese authorities arrested and sent him to Italy.
And Amino Ou'aoush, a student at the university of afriqiya al alamiya, who affiliates to Boko Haram. His accusation was the bombing of a mini -bus station in Abuja. He was arrested and sent to Nigeria.
It goes without saying that this war that Sudan has been launching against terrorism and extremism is not something that is quite random. On the contrary, it is mainly and solidly based on regional and international security cooperation agreements.
 Needless to say, terrorism and extremism have mainly been originated by the so called Da’ish or the Islamic State Organization. It has constituted a real headache and at all levels, locally, regionally and globally, to say the least. Its main objective is the establishment of an Islamic state that is quite akin to the former Islamic Caliphate state whose governance is wholly emanated from and based on the Shari ‘a law. 
In order to accomplish its dreams, Da’ish has tried all ways and means, no matter how justifiable or unjustifiable  they are. It vigorously and blindly insists on making them  a tangible reality on the ground, so to speak.
The state of turmoil and instability that have plagued countries such as Libya, Syria and Iraq, are mainly attributed to and triggered by this Da’ish. In reaction, some nations, especially America and Russia, have automatically got involved in the fighting of it.
The frustrating thing is this; this Da’ish and despite the huge efforts that have been exerted to uproot it, they are to a large extent doomed to failure. Until this very moment,  the fighting is going on and it seems that it will just continue like this unendingly,  so to speak.
Delightedly, the biggest powers, such as America and Russia, have now been detected as very concerned with the issue of Da’ish. The new administration of Trump has been perceived as practically engaged in fighting it, especially in Iraq and Syria. In consolidation of this pattern, now it is noticed as sending American troops, especially to Iraq and Syria to practically carry out their operation from there. Besides, to be available whenever their services are sought.
The Russians have proven that they are not lesser than their American counterparts when it comes to the subject matter of terrorism and extremism. Now, they are hugely and unlimitedly getting involved in Syria as fighting Da’ish fiercely and tremendously. Why? Because they believe strongly that if Da’ish is not to be fought there, and at its very premises, sure it will one day  reach them at their vey lands and knock their very doors angrily violently,  so to speak.
Going back to Sudan that is viewed as a main contributor in the fighting of Da’ish and the terrorists and extremists that associate to it. The glaring fact is this; Sudan can not  succeed in accomplishing a mission as such  singularly. Simply speaking, because it is economically depressed and has not the adequate resources that qualify it to cope with such a trend alone. So, if for a mission as such is to be successfully accomplished,  some practical measures need to be adopted, be they  financially and none  and without the least delay.
Sadly, this situation is not void of an irony. Sudan is doing all this for them, especially  the Western and other developed nations. But, instead of being thanked for it, they have been noticed as putting its name in the list of the countries that support terrorism and extremism. 
In conclusion, we can say this; combat of terrorism and extremism are a collective responsibility that should be shouldered by all, especially the developed world. All are to get plagued with unlimited  sorts of catastrophes and calamities in case of failure to do so. In collaboration with Sudan, they are supposed to encounter Da’ish and all the bad activities that are associated with it courageously and appropriately. The developed world, especially America,  is the one that is supposed to shoulder a responsibility as such. Undoubtedly, now Sudan is recognized by all, enemies before friends, that it is doing a good job in fighting  terrorism and extremism. For this reason,  Sudan should receive all the due consideration and support from all, especially Americans.
In this regard, America is requested to be fair enough and just. As it removes  the name of Iraq from the black list of terrorists and extremists, Sudan should also enjoy the same merit and should under no circumstance  be discriminated upon. Failure to adhere to a pattern as such, will be interpreted as mere unjustifiable negligence  and ignorance. In the end, all, invariably,  will regret such a thing. But, sure, regret alone  will not do. Why?  Because, the axe has already fallen on the head, as the Sudanese saying says.