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Friday, 20 October 2017

It Is Important for Africa to Know how to Discuss Issues of Peace, Security with the Participation of Sudan, Says Joseph Chelengi

(Muawad Rashid-Neimat alNaiem) - Sudan Vision conducted interviews with some African Intellectuals

and Experts who took part in the Intellectuals First Forum under the theme Political Stability in Africa, Challenges, threatens and Future Prospects, which held in Khartoum 27th September 2017 at the Higher Academy for Strategic and Security Studies. Joseph Chelengi is one of these prominent figures and experts highlighted many topics in the African Affairs.
Q: You are welcome in Sudan, would You please introduce yourself?
A: Thank you so much, I’m Josphef Chelengi ; from the AU Economic , social and Cultural Department , Zambian citizen , and I’m so proud of being so. I appreciated our people here in Sudan. I’m here participating the CISSA.
Q: What are your comments on the 1st Intellectual Forum?
A: First let me say something, this forum is the first forum of its kind, and it was organized by initiative of the Government of Sudan and its leadership. It is the forums which bring together intellectuals and experts to discuss potentials opportunities in relation to peace and stability in the continent. The forum being the first of its kind, I think it should bring support to Sudan government, and in facing challenges of insecurity and terrorism in Africa, which bring some of us with their experiences, our academic understanding of political stability in our continent.
Yes, the Forum is a good opportunity to discuss most of the issues ranging from political stability, to migration to self-determination among nations. It discussed various topics, governance, democratic prospects and realizes political stability in Africa.
It is important to mention various aspects that continentally discussed, but threats; we discussed also the refugees’ issue which is also an international issue. I acknowledge that peace and security including political stability, I think it is not possible without the role of Sudan. Sudan geographically is located on an area where you have challenges as refuges.
It is important for Africa to know how to discuss issues of peace, security with the participation of Sudan, for one reason, Sudan has rich history, deep-rooted history since the colonization time of Africa , and also the Afro-Arab relations , and hence the this forum is not took  place  in appropriated place, but it took place at the right atmosphere with support to the government  of Sudan, and the free flow of discussions , and the participation is excellent, the higher level of participation of experts from all over Africa the Middle East.
It is very important forum, important meeting we are flow with the participation of H.E the President of the Republic Omar al Bashir and receiving the recommendations of the Forum.
The forum should be good for everything, for all, where intellectual discussed various options, and then it provided an opportunity to the member states and others and to enable the policy makers.
Q: What is the significance of the Forum?
A: The most important thing about this forum is the national dialogue so the initiative, it is not recognition by anyone else, but by the Sudanese themselves, the actors are Sudanese who the political process, internally process in terms of solving issues and problems. It is the leadership of Sudan, for humbling themselves and sure that this dialogue, political dialogue, so it is very important for the President of the Republic, for the government.
It is a lot of facts that this initiative of the national dialogue, so the national dialogue is one of the issues it should lead to hyper process, hyper government.  So you know how could you stabilizing the Africans unless due to African diversity.
Q: The diversity of Africa?
A: It is our diversity in Africa. I think we live in diversity in Africa, it is part of the issue, I think it is important to give together the views of Africans, but this diversity is our threat, it should encourage it, it should support it, should contribute in peace , security and stability in within the dynamic the Horn .
The Horn has some challenges , they can link with the Sudanese Government, if the whole countries collaborate and cooperate, all should lead to begin some sort of recognition , the core beyond this the benefit of for all community all share the same environment to this process.
Q: The world community?
A: For us we have to support Sudan, with us or without us, it should be supported. Support without conditions to the Sudanese, for just providing a political environment, financially or whatever support should be. The leaderships of this content should humble themselves, without external influence. We have the national dialogue, the CISSA on the place; the Intellectual First Forum which discussed the political stability on its place, what other opportunity that Africa has to learn.
Q: Sudan as hosting country for the Forum and its affirmation to organize it annually in Khartoum?
A: Let us acknowledge one thing that a few days the Republic of Sudan, so we need to see thing different, so we believe that Sudan is no longer is going forward, the US sanctions will be lifted .We recommend President Omer Al Bashir. We are waiting for CISSA. It is to encourage Sudan, and we assure that people of Sudan are recommended with their brothers and sisters Globally, free movement , free access to elements that Global Business, should implemented , It is time to support each other not politically , but also in Peace and security  to realize political Stability to all Africa .