Current Date:

Sunday, 22 October 2017

British Council and Zain-Sudan A New Strategic Partnership for Enhancing Education in Sudan

Khartoum (Muawad Mustafa - Neimat al Naiem - Photo Al-Sir Mukhtar) - British Council and Zain – Sudan signed last week at Corinthia Hotel

, Khartoum, an agreement of strategic partnership for enhancing and promoting education in Sudan through connecting classrooms project. Robin Davies the British Council Sudan Country Director signed on behalf of the British Council, while Lt General Al-Fateh Erwa, CEO and the Managing Director of Zain-Sudan signed on behalf of the company.
Ambassador Michael Aaron, British Ambassador to Sudan addressed the occasion expressing his great pleasure with the strategic partnership between the British Council and Zain-Sudan and in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. He pointed out to the importance of this sort of learning connecting classrooms. He described education as one of the promising fields of knowledge in Sudan; pointing to their support to the classrooms project since 2016 where they trained 3000 teachers in 20 cities in entire Sudan.
He conveyed his deep thanks to the Minister of Education for continuous support for the project which will participate in improvement of education as one of the elements of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Sudan.
He added the importance of this sort of training which will develop the education through developing the 21st century learning skills, explaining that the young people can benefit more from this learning.
The British Ambassador appreciated also the role of the British Council in Sudan as one of three best British Councils in Sub-Sahara of Africa.
Lt. Gen. Al-Fateh Erwa, CEO and Managing Director of Zain –Sudan addressed the celebration explaining that the signing of this strategic and smart  partnership with the British Council is part of its social responsibility in the society, describing it as a real partnership. He appreciated the great role of the British Council in Sudan, pointing to his intimate and distinctive relation with the British Council since when he was a student.
British Council Director Robin Davies explained that the connecting classroom project is a global project; it operates in 15-20 countries in sub-Sahara for the benefits of teachers and children who are in learning.  He welcomed and appreciated the partnership with Zain–Sudan as one of the distinctive communications companies participated in the social responsibility. He detailed on the techniques used in this sort of learning in comparison with classical teaching depending on teaching as just a package of lessons.
Connecting Classrooms is the British Council and DFID's Global Educational programme for schools to help young people learn about global issues and become responsible global citizens. It offers training packages that equip teachers the knowledge and approaches they need to integrate the six core skills.
More than 2700 teachers and school leaders were trained in 20 cities, from Khartoum, Kassala, Sennar. Gezira ,AlDammer, Port Sudan, North Kordofan, Gedarif, ElDamazin and others, where 8 teachers were nominated as trainers to train other teachers in other parts of Sudan. The program offers excellent networking opportunities for the policy makers to engage with counterparts from UK and globally to enrich their experience and enable them to benchmark their educational achievements and policies.
Through discussions with officials from the Ministry of Education, many areas and priorities have been identified which need to be developed further or enhanced such as Quality System for education, school inspection, monitoring and evaluation framework, Science technology, English and Math in addition to training planning and Management.
Connecting classrooms project focuses on three areas that capacity building for teachers, thought leaderships and policy dialogue for senior leaders and System Consultancy.