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Friday, 24 November 2017

China ... New Economic Power...the New Israel Colonialism in Africa

China one of the biggest economic state in the world, china has an organized life Without fanfare indeed

, with some misgivings about its new status—China has just overtaken the United States as the world’s largest economy. This is, and should be, a wake-up call—but not the kind most Americans might imagine. Comparing the gross domestic product of different economies is very difficult. Technical committees come up with estimates, based on the best judgments possible, of what are called “purchasing-power parities in the world  if you look to china today China is the world's second-largest country by land area,  and either the third or fourth-largest by total area, depending on the method of measurement the fact is that china has growing its economy 40 years ago asFrom its founding in 1949 until late 1978, the People's Republic of China was a Soviet-style centrally planned economy. Following Mao's death in 1976 and the consequent end of the Cultural Revolution, Deng Xiaoping and the new Chinese leadership began to reform the economy and move towards a more market-oriented mixed economy under one-party rule. I have seen a documentary film on Beijing New Year how this country is celebrating with its citizen it's amazing and behind this great job its people.
From 2000 to 2011, there was approximately 65 Chinese official development finance projects identified in Sudan through various media reports every New Year 2 million local flight take off every day families to celebrate with their beloved one.
Little is known about ancient relations between China and the African continent, though there is some evidence of early trade connections. But  Sudan get a great diplomatic connection with great china since oil has been flourishing in Sudan in last century Sudan relations refers to the bilateral relations with this country China imports oil from Sudan, Human rights organizations have criticized China for its supportive relationship with the government of Sudan, china has an ideology of dealing with investment in Africa this was throughout Sudan relation in Africa .China ranked first in the world in agriculture Crops vary in China to include all kinds of agriculture China linked to trade with other Asian countries (Japan, South Korea ...) and the European Union countries and the United States (the North), while shrinking its ties with Africa and the Middle East countries(countries of the South)On the other hand, the trade balance surplus knows no matter how close to 100 billion dollars, so achieve with the United States alone, a trade surplus of about $ 50 billion annually. Human ingredient plays an important role in building the economic strength of China that the latter is available on the potential of significant human minds the largest housing complexes in the world  I can say that china is not like other power countries take your fortune and Leave but it embrace communities and countries in the advancement of its economy and its development .
Yesterday Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had planned to attend the conference, which was expected to draw representatives from many of the 54 African countries,Israel is fully committed to continue its efforts vis-à-vis the African continent this is what the prime minster said. The first-ever Israel-Africa Summit set for Togo in October has been canceled in the aftermath of boycott threats by a number of countries and pressure against the event from Palestinians and Arab nations. This is why a group of Palestinian activists, academics, and civil society organisations have launched a campaign to deter African nations from partaking in the upcoming Africa-Israel summit, slated to take place in Togo in October in the heart of Africa ,this summit 'justifies colonialism in Africa ,the summit was intend to  enhance cooperation in the fields of technology, development and security in the continent.

In 2016, Netanyahu visited Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia. In June of this year, he was a guest of honor at the Economic Community of West African States Summit in Liberia. Historically, for African leaders did not have warm relationships with the State of Israel as great African countries. Following the 1973 October War, sub-Saharan African countries severed ties with Israel in which a coalition of Arab states, led by Egypt and Syria, fought against Israel in a partially-successful bid to overturn Israel’s territorial gains in the 1967. Netanyahu became the first non-African head of state to address a meeting of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), a regional body that aims to promote integration between countries in West Africa the new colonialism to Africa is in its way .But in recent years, Israel has pursued a policy of rapprochement with many African nations that may once have been considered enemies.An Arab-led state that is a sworn enemy of Israel’s main international ally, the United States, it is not surprising that Sudan is no friend of Israel’s. Sudan is one of 16 countries that ban Israeli citizens from entry, and the majority-Muslim state backed the Arab coalitions in both the Six-Day and Yom Kippur wars.