Current Date:

Friday, 24 November 2017

Spotlight: The Fruits of Collecting of Firearms in Sudan

On 2016, the Government issued a decree to collect firearms from all citizens and the armed troops

in the conflict areas in all Darfur and Kordufan states as part of its strategies and efforts to spread peace, security, stability among the people in these areas and other areas. A national committee headed by the Vice President Hassbo Mohmed Abdul Rahman  was formed to follow up this process of collecting unlicensed firearms from tribes and citizens , in addition to the unregistered smuggled car and vehicles
A large scale campaign was launched  to collect firearms in the mentioned areas which was proceeded by many sessions of raising awareness were held with the security officials ,leaders in these areas , the civil administrations , sheikhs and leaders of tribes for their guiding and leading role in these local communities.
The mission and task of collecting arms is not an easy process for the huge amount of firearms being spread and used by these armed movements in Darfur , and even the citizens themselves who used it for protection their families who had been threatens by the these armed movements .
Signing peace agreement with these will put and an end of this phenomenon of using arms here and there.
The Government targets more million weapons and firearms in Darfur only .The collecting of weapons what its type or seize or even the number is a cruel task, it requires great joint efforts. It require to dig down in the real causes of using such dangers weapons to the people , not only in Drafur or Kordufan , but also in the other states and areas for the tribal interaction in Sudan , the opening of boarders with the neighboring countries.
To carry a gun that doesn’t mean you are in security, peace or safety, stability .It is a sign and indicate of conflict, war or even a quarrel in some communities. So raising awareness is one of mechanisms that the Government should put in consideration to avoid such negative phenomenon that threaten our society. The partnerships and agreements with the concerned bodies which have its affected role in highlighting these threaten.
This campaign of collecting of unlicensed firearms will participate in reducing the rates of crime in the society, for the misuse of such dangerous weapons.
Police with their different specializations, the Armed Forces are all responsible in protecting the whole country, the borders. What is most important is to benefit from all collected amounts of firearms for the sake of the people , protection, security, Peace and stability.
We hope that all society live in peace after this campaign of collecting unlicensed firearms all over Sudan not only Darfur and Kordfan . Let us support in the success of it. Let us be proud that Sudan is considered as of a top rank of the Safe African countries followed by Tunisia and Morocco according to NUMBEO web site as came in news.  Let us pick the fruits of this campaign to in stabled and secured society.