Current Date:

Friday, 24 November 2017

Thanks to Allah: It May Work Well … Try

My brother who shares the life with me that who live in Asia, Australia, China, America and everywhere in the world

You are there we look like each other. We have got the same nature, but we differ in our ways of thinking. The methods of getting living are different. I may depend on things to have my own style in getting my food. At the end, we both are a life. No one of us, however, may dare to say: that now you man, I am satisfied of every!!, thing, I have got money, lands, people around me you and others are in need for me. What I have, you haven’t got. I can see you now through my electronic devices. I can even know through your communications what are you intending to do later!
I surround you by technology you can’t escape there in no way to flee. Oh, I know, you are angry of not being able to reach my level of progress by the way it is not your fault. I get use of every opportunity to get up hill before you ..!
Do you want to know why I always excel you. Try to thing why you are always like that, waiting, waiting for me to give you answers. You know you tired me much but sometimes or really that is excellent for me to exploit you will … to snatch your confident from your soul because I know. I admire you why you are stanch don’t become regret ... you have not realize yet. Luck never comes twice your chances have gone with the wind … never be able to back them, you, do you think you deserve to charge me, that never happens nearly or in the further future, Oh my God. I see you prefer to say Allah, say it as you like … but please don’t try to disturb me. I have anxious … always. I am in dire need to sleep peacefully and I feel something annoying me. I don’t know what it is I have every thing round me, but I lack tranquility. Really I ask myself why I am alive. I want to see what is beyond death, really, I am not mad. That in a dream I want to fulfill it sooner or later!!
They say, there is another world … without sickness, fatigue, you become youth, you youth, come back enjoy your life … no war all are equal. I would like to go there before you. I see you repeatedly say there is another space world full of justice, waiting those who are faithful to Allah, seeing him in everything. I love look to spread ... never say I am better than you. Don’t worry, brother, chances are well distributed between people equally, read, read, history sooner or later, you will end your turn. Step down from the stage, give the space to other, sit on the looker chairs, to evaluate others doings. Then you will surely discover the game is over, but the referee in there to hand you your results it depend only on your believe in the creator. Do you memorize well you lessons? I hope so me too.
By the way … sometimes, it may be better to go the other way …. even at writing … why not change … is revolution in thoughts … recently better to differ to be known … even to  your imagination … nowadays wisdom has become a rare commodity … you look for it … everywhere … haplessly at the end they say you have come late??? But our advice to you … do you want to feel well? … safety … believe in Allah, call for Him, call for Him personally and publicly … but peacefully … don’t be a nervous, it will not help attracting followers … our time is for persuading not for pushing … that is the approach I personally follow??? What is yours? Don’t be a astonished; the issue may be mixed but as the end it will join the each other.