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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Thanks to Allah: Faith

It is our great fate to be the guiders of this universe, when you go through the history pages

, especially the Islamic one, you find these facts. It is mentioned in Quran, “Ahadaith” Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) followers’ stories, but the main question, the leadership demands conditions i.e.
* Straightness
* Strengthens in manners.
* Good behavious.
* Honesty
* Loyalty to your principles
* Love good to others regardless of whom they are, or where they have come from
Worshiping Allah only without partner – these times help individually, collectively to live in peace – without selfishness putting in mind that – what benefit must not harm the others. From this base we launch out invitation to all people all over the world. We respect every nation. We believe in Allah this our faith. We never try to impose it forcibly, on other words our religion stand on – peace and love so that is joining us together in this world. We are humans like you, we have the right as you, to live this time limited to us by God (Allah almighty)  it is not wisdom to say that I am not in need for you. How can I imagine that could happen – never, never realize – why because we are created to depend on each other  ..  look, you see, you have got an illumination mind – you invent machines , vehicle, computers and commodities. I am in dire need for your goods. So you need market to sell your inventions, otherwise you get poor if you don’t sell it. I have got lands, virgin once, water, vast forests, consist of Gum Arabic trees, vegetable, fruits, animal wealth. Water resources also the most important element the human being especially to those who are ready to cultivate the land These are the tools you need to go ahead. It goes without saying tht some people may get rid of others. That is not reality. We are connected together in thick and thin, bad or good. A fresh new good at others need broad mind insight and wisdom.
Sooner or later you and me, they and us are going to leave, going where it goes to another world full of justice. Some of us may not believe in such speeches but we do, and respect others’ principles. Brothers, sisters, my neighbours take what is good from me by my convention, not by force you may see. I am weak, have not get a weapon to defend myself, but really, I have surely something you feel inside, living with everyone, day and night you see.
A mere touch waiting for you to take your turn. It is death, who creates it. The end explains the beginning, when I pass away; I say thanks to Allah, it is my fate to return. This is the end of the world and another life will begin; but are you prepared for that day? It is approaching, inching towards you and me!
The existence of the sky, grounds, seas, forests, deserts haven’t come out of the blue, they were created.
Hi reader, thank Allah day and night; consider HIM in everything; do you feel the sense of peace and tranquility eliminate you? Call others to follow you by good behaviours; not by destroying, fanaticism, terrorism, human trafficking, money laundering or illegal immigration.
The best you do the good you find. That is my principle, what is yours?