Current Date:

Friday, 24 November 2017

Feel it: Homelessness and Beggary

The Minister for Social Security and Development  Mashair Al-Dawalab  has called yesterday upon all relevant Ministers

to play their part in the success of a campaign to eliminate homelessness   and begging  and to have a greater  role   with  the ministry  Interior assisted  by  some tough laws that regards beggary as illicit gain and most of the beggars are aliens and their presence in Sudan is illegal.
The Minister has stressed that people should differentiate between persons who are in dire needs and those who take beggary as a profession.
Begging is  not acceptable anywhere and it is very sensitive issue. I believe strongly that ,such people families has to be traced so that something positive can be done about it specially the beggars who are physically challenged.           
The National Council for Child Welfare (NCCW) and its partners are  working to locate the homeless  families and their States in order to send them to the Ministries of Welfare  in the concerned States ,that means all states should coordinate and  cooperate with the  NCCW in order to make a success the unification  project. Besides, the great  role of the ministry of education and family counseling centers in preventing school dropout by providing them all means of security and stability and to prevent violence against them, so that they can  dream of a happy world.