Current Date:

Thursday, 19 October 2017

The Latest World Ranking of University Neglects the Sudan!

At first sight, we think that the regulations that govern the ranking of higher education institutions are a little bit against our measures of ranking

. These regulations are not clear to many of us. Most of the guys think it is a turn of luck which ranks a certain institution in that reputable or that modest one .Now the big question that poses itself here , is that: Upon what grounds does this ranking is based , who makes the figuring out and calculate the totaling for these mathematical operations.
Hearing the result of the ranking, one always recalls the total number of the institutions of higher education that are included in the ranking; simply to see where we are at the moment of ranking, so as to push forward in case of lower ranking, just for the purpose of perfection one exerts effort to push up to get top ranking.
Our universities, this year, in unbroken line, came last.  They booked back seats in this annual anniversary. Not a single university dares to take a front seat. Unbelievable! Why! We have a considerable number of universities that could compete with whatever university.
We have more than hundred universities and colleges, old and new, big and small, specialized and non-specialized, central and in the states. They match with the number of our newspapers, and the Express Traveling Buses. They are many more of them, inside Khartoum State and outside. The vast majority of these institutions are beautifully designed, particularly from the outside, sometimes they cannot be match with any smart building, and whatever it is shape or height.
Yes, these universities are nicely designed and beautifully situated in the most reputable spots of my country. All of them, whether private or governmental are densely populated of both first intake and the private one, even the doubling of intake make these universities like swarms in their big hives. You will turn deaf from the buzzing and humming sounds of the students, of both sexes, talking about their daily life incidents, and only few discuss what they are assigned to do in their coming classes. Really, too many students you can find in one institution, but they do not care that much for their classes than their own affairs. They are usually in couples, and rarely can they sit in proof-reader groups to revise their lectures or assignments. They care too much for their appearance, although they know that appearance cannot tell. They care much about matters such as hair styling, the so late fashions, and the like.
But really and frankly what affects the ranking of these universities, is the immigration of the academic staffs. Yes, in what is globally known as brain drain. Really we are left without brains .Most, if not all,  of our experts left for good , and the remaining some are queuing to fly abroad to embrace the dollar and its sisters , this is all to buy a nice car and spacious house when they come back home .
This active brain drainage activity, in my view, I think is what, is directly affected negatively scientific research activities, and hence the low ranking of our universities. This is in my opinion.