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Friday, 24 November 2017

Wind Whispter: How Could We Thank Qatar State

Even though Sudan witnessed cascading set of crises since the salvation revolution took power on the eve of 30th June 1989 Thursday

, but a small country with great gist was been the second revolution took our hands to safety shore, Qatar was been playing pivot role against any conspiracy or a plot woven against this country without any hesitating in the least possible way, tirelessly sustainable steps concluded with strategic projects implemented in Sudan. More than once asked myself how we can thank Qatar state officially, popularly, particularly when I see cities built for orphans families and people, campus and Barracks for Darfur’s refugees I think what provided to Sudanese people, current government there is no other a state has done as Qatar.
Amid broad political and media presence five cooperation agreements signed between Qatar and Sudan Resolving the issues of Sudan on all aspects: humanitarian, political, social and economic fronts.. Qatar Supported all the reconstruction and development programmes as well as provided all basic services, And above all Qatar led Darfur peace efforts with determination and patience was crowned by signing the Doha peace agreement Qatar concern about the peace-making process and still support projects of development and reconstruction in the region through the Qatari initiative to develop Darfur because they believe conflict is not over until its remnants are cleared, wherefore exerts all efforts to ensure security in all Sudanese territory in order to stability in Sudan economically, politically for that hosted hard talks led to the 2011 Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD) between Khartoum and rebel splinter groups. in other side we mustn’t forget Qatar providing US$135 million (Dh495m) to support archaeological heritage, great project, Qatar-Sudan Archaeological Project (QSAP) is one of a distinguished Qatari’s initiatives objective to promote the rich archaeological heritage in Sudan, Sudanese celebrated with H H Sheikha Moza bint Nasser when she visited the historic City (Meroe) that hosts the pyramids which are being restored by (QSAP) further more alongside concerning registered as a NGO under the name ‘The Nubian Archaeological Development Organization’ covers funding, museums, pyramids and camps, QSAP is funding the work of 40 archaeological missions plans to establish new museums and renovate existing ones focusing  on  maintenance on antiquities at archeological Sudanese sites , beside conduct restoration and conservation of over-230 pyramids.
When other governments have refrained from substantial political relief a decade after the outbreak of the global financial and economic crisis except Qatar obviously support Sudan where’s budgetary pressures, investing in agriculture and mining, working on resolving the  remittances problems whereas Sudanese Banks were under increased pressure over due 17 years old trade economic unilateral embargo against Sudan before its ease now since few months later, render Qatar Airways the prominent company serving the passengers to and from Sudan has been as a gap bridges of air cargo and navigation, nevertheless Ties Doha and Khartoum, "are witnessing continuing rapid progress", such as Qatari National Bank "QNB"; Al-Dyar Real estate business; Barwa Real estate Co, Qatar Mining, beside others individually investor in general trade and agriculture.
Diplomatically area also Qatar had been cornerstone playing avalanche role to break freezed diplomatic relations between Sudan and most of western countries rather even some of Arab countries, Politically: the bilateral relations were represented in coordinated positions at the regional and international forum, exchange of visits, In the military cooperation: also there Is military cooperation between the two countries in areas of training and exchange of experiences in a way that serves interests of the two sisterly nations. Lastly Qatar doesn’t exercise this as the freebie or for politician propaganda but its moral code and spiritual obligation, common destiny. Dear Sudanese politicians power; We must seize this opportunity to announce composition of one army through full unity between two countries Qatar-Sudan, full merge, one flag one national anthem to proud that we are Sudanese yes; and we are Qataris and any hostile against Qatar means hostile against Sudan any attack of any one of us is an attack on all of us.