Current Date:

Friday, 24 November 2017

Periscope: Syria Children Dangerous Terrorists

Last Tuesday 18 April. 2017 is a day that should be recorded in the world history. On this day USA and Russia bombed

and killed the most dangerous terrorists in Syria.
Can you imagine who they were? They were 16 innocent children killed in one place by American war planes and 12 in another area by Russian bombs.
This is the first time that both super powers have agreed on anything in Syria and that is bombing children.
What is amazing that this only NGO that condemned these attacks was the Syrian Human Rights Observatory based in Coventry in the UK. While those with the loudest mouths in Immensity International and Human Rights Watch kept silent until the writing of this article. May be Tuesday is their weekend.
What is worst is that the United Nations Human Rights Council has not issued any statements of condemnation as usual on targeting civilians may be because this time the USA is involved and not only Russia.
Civil casualties have become the norm in the Syrian conflict and according to the Syrian Human Rights Observatory more than 2000 have been killed by US lead alliance in Feb. March -April this year and the same number or more  by the Syrian and Russian planes. It almost seems that civilians have become the main enemy for all this conflict.
This put to the forefront the Syrian armed opposition and terrorists strategy of hiding among civilians and then attacking the Syrian army. If this is not using civilians as human shields then what is it in the understanding of those who back and fund these groups?
Time has come that the protection of civilians in Syria is put outside the field of political maneuvers to gain points over and enemy and put in its right context. This is fact the responsibility  of the United Nations Secretary General who should address the issue in independent and transparent manner and not siding with this or that group as is the case up to now.
The previous UN Secretary General has failed to do so let us hope that the new one will address the challenge more effectively.