Current Date:

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Netherlands and Islamophobia

Turkish Family Minister Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya was prevented from addressing a rally in the Dutch port city of Rotterdam on Saturday

The Minster wanted to address the Turkish community living in Netherlands due to the constitution amendments that the Turkish Government intends to carry out which give Erdogan`s regime more reforms or greater powers.
What Netherlands authorities done, that means (expel of the Family Minister from Netherlands land) is unacceptable behavior and have nothing to do with diplomatic action.
Turkish foreign minister described it of being "the capital of fascism".
On his part, the prime minster Erdogan strongly attacked the Netherlands saying what it happened on Saturday has revealed the real face of Europe States, that is to say (Islamophobia).
In fact, the number of those who have converted to Islam from Christianity is made the Europe Countries to feel “Fear”. It is a big and great number.
Islam became acceptable in Europe, the western community reached to fact that Islam has nothing to do with so-called “Terrorism| despite the bad deeds being committed under its name from those who always used to disfigure its bright picture and fame.
In France, Belgium, Netherlands, USA, Germany, UK and others, the number of their origin people (country ones) is in increasing day after another, this increase of those who convert to Islam from Christianity raise the danger as well alarm  for these States to stop it by way or another, therefore, what happened with Turkish family minister is the best proof.
Islam will prevail whether those States say yes or no, because, so far the other option is completely absent.
The policy of western States especially France, Netherlands, Belgium, USA, Germany and others of preventing Islam as well making the spaces narrow for Muslims to worship the Almighty Allah as they want, will fail in the end.
To sup up, freedom of worshiping, movement, point of view, living and others should not be restricted by those who call for democracy, human rights, humanity, and good life; above all, those who name themselves “advocates of freedom and equality”.