Current Date:

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Talking Issues: US Double Standard Policies

Since the theory of the new world order US has adopted the idea of interfering in countries’ domestic issues

, human rights, democracy, good governance, religious tolerance, equality and other values has been raised by US to realize international peace and security. US envoys were named, from time to time, to inspect governments’ performance and to measure human rights development.
The US officials draw attentions and remind governments to overcome challenges, in this column I want to do the opposite, I want play the role of Sudan envoy to US, unfold US domestic challenges that neglected by others, nobody says no to US, no body advices, it is true we have political and security challenges in Sudan, but US challenges has global impact.
US has recently affected by huge domestic development in all aspects of life, in case of Sudan US has kept Sudan on the list of countries sponsored terrorism and doesn’t cancel Darfur peace law imposed by US to oppress Sudan, the national dialogue is an answer to any question asked by EU or US concerning polecat, economic and even security.
US is not an example to be followed or imitated in term of security or politic, people all over the globe know nothing about what is going on inside US. As regard to justice, it supports International Criminal Court (ICC) and at the same time its soldiers don’t subjected to the ICC, also during the last US presidential elections the people demonstrated and protested against the result, while the leaders of Democrats and Republicans exchange accusation of election falsification, Even the elected President accused Central Intelligence Agency CIA of election false report, the US democratic system has been affected by interventions, anyhow, it is an indication to something wrong.
The social structure of US people exposed to shock, many incidents and clashes between police and black American, the whole world followed these developments, people in less developed countries waiting for US equality, democracy and humanity.
The serious US challenge is the spreading of weapons; it is a phenomenon, till now there is no decisive law to reduce weapons’ ownership, tens of children in schools and hundreds of people in public places were killed in injured because of weapons misuse.
If we compared security challenges in US to any African country, we would find similarity in the reasons behind, US administration should have to focus on overcoming the above mentioned challenges first then ask governments to apply law and civilizations values.
In Sudan we have a proverb says don’t throw others at stones, if your house was build of glasses, which means don’t focus on the flaws of others, because they have a right to unfold yours.