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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Perceptions: Climate Change Is a Global Challenge (2)

In today world civil society organizations in all forms play a more important and crucial role than any other time in the world history

, old and modern, because civil society organizations have been present throughout human history in various forms. We will in the future explore this point in more details.
Civil society organizations have always been present in the most world historical events, from the movements two centuries ago to abolish the slave trade to the protest in the last decades against globalization, the IMF, the World Bank and the International Trade Organization. Or the initiative that have led to the creation of the International Red Cross after the terrible human tragedies of World War One.
Also, trade unions started as civil society organizations and are considered to the universal agreed upon definition as part of the civil society organizations.
So, civil society in short income those working in the sphere between government, private sector and the family.
What we would like to stress on at this stage is that civil society organizations are not at war neither with the government, the private sector or the traditional norms of the society.
What is ideal and more beneficial for the society at large is a strong cooperation and partnership between all these stakeholders because at the end theoretically at least are all aiming to serve the public interest. And this is the aim that this page aim to attain by advocating very strongly for such cooperation.
Same time will point to the challenges that face the civil society organizations and which must start from inside these organizations, administrative and financial reforms in addition to genuine democracy and transparency.
This is why we are publishing in this page the “Istanbul Principles” which have been agreed upon by thousands of NGOs years ago on Sept. 2010 and have been developed further many times latter.
Same time this doesn’t absolve the other stakeholders and particular the government from creating a conducive environment for the civil society organizations to play their role taking into account that genuine NGOs can be an  very supportive asset  for the implementation of policies and strategies if considered a real active partner.
In this respect we must pay a lot of attention to youth organizations and encourage them because they are the group that have in today world the energy, time and modern knowledge which can be utilized to accelerate development in all its forms.
We conclude by that we hope that in the coming months this page will be a daily page instead of a weakly one but this will depend on your support so write to us because at the end it is your page , that is the society at large.