Current Date:

Friday, 20 October 2017

Periscope: EU Democracy and Governance Myth

We have lived for many decades with the false myth of  the model democracy and good governance in EU

and whose Commission have been lecturing the world  to adapt them and follow their steps,
But events in at least the last decade or more have shattered this myth and we saw the EU countries naked realities in all aspects.
On the democratic sphere we have seen some EU countries governments that work against the declared EU democratic principles and values undermining the independence of the judiciary and the separation power while the EU shyly threaten to refer the matter to the European Human Rights Court which usually take about from one to two years to issue a verdict in a case.
In other instances the EU have allowed some countries to violently violate the freedom of expression and assembly in the name of national unity on the vague claim that it is an internal problem, the latest of this was in Spain.
Same time, since at least the economic crises of 2008-9 , EU governments have been systematically undermining social justice in the name of competitive globalization but in reality sacrificing those who have not to those who have everything. This have driven the reputable NGO Oxfam Report to issue a report titles (The One Percent World).
We have seen during the last German elections some of those who have been interviewed saying that they have to work in two jobs to meet their basic requirements. This is in the best performing European economy, so you can imagine what is going on in the less performing ones.
Many have had great hopes that the European Union will be a model for other continents to build over-states institutions that will enhance more international solidarity and unity between nations of different backgrounds but the EU failed the world with distinction in this respect just performing somewhat better than the United Nations, the African Union and the Arab League.
Why this happened because like the others (UN, AU and AL) all were driven by the interests of government and those who control them and not the interests of the people.
The EU and all these institutions regularly speak about reforms but this is just to calm the critiques because as long as the Bureaucracy officials in the service of governmental interest are in control there will be no reforms.
If the UN can be taken as a model, it have been going from bad to worst with every new secretary general and in our view the present one will be the worst the organization have seen as it top executive officer.
So, what is the solution. The answer is simple , people have to start mobilizing to change matters by themselves vide mobilizing peaceful social movements to change the strategies and policies not only of the EU but as well those in the UN, AU and AL.