Current Date:

Friday, 20 October 2017

Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Monday, 18th September, 2017


* FVP Acquainted on Graduates Recruitment Fund Projects

* Sudan Calls for Solving Migration and Climate Change Problems.
* Ministry of Commerce Arranges for Sudanese/Turkish Partnership Meetings.
* Technical Committee Affirms the Implementation of 35 Recommendations on Federal Rule

Akhbar Al-Youm
* Ali-Elhaj Announces the Kick-off Islamists’ Unifications.
* Ghandour to Deliver Sudan’s Speech in the UN Next Saturday.
* Foreign Ministry Meets Russian Counterpart.
* Khartoum State Ministry of Finance Denis Flour Shortages.

* Ali Elhaj Hosts Islamic Figures, Calls for Unity.
* Medical Supplies Corporation Recognizes Shortage in Drugs, Price Hikes.
* Disputes in S. Sudan Government and Military Commanders on Sacking Leading Military Commanders.
* Saudi Ambassador Visits Alnuhud.

Al-Youm Al-Tali
* Breakaway Faction Reveals Plans Led by Agar to Abort the AU Roadmap.
* Ethiopian Chief of Staff Arrives in Khartoum.
* AL Cancels Reception of UK Party for Its Rejecting Inviting Sudan.
* Sudan Airways Cancels Flight to Cairo to Lack of Passengers.

Akhir Lahza
* Ali El-Haj: NCP and PCP Do Not Represent the Islamic Movement.
* Government Starts Arms Collection in Abyei.
* Norway Urges Washington to Lift Sanctions.
* Talks between NCP and Chinese Communist Party in Beijing

Al-Ray Al-Aam
* Interior Ministry Gives Two Months for Foreigners to Reconcile their Status.
* Ghandour Presents Negative Impact of Sanctions before the US Peace Institution.
* Al Bashir Directs Accommodating Children of Autism.
* Parliamentary Committee to Review the Resumption of Work in the New Airport.

* Parliament: Men Shoulder 95% of the Continuation of the FGM.
* Minerals Minister Calls on Companies to Expand Production in other Minerals.
* DUP Calls for Investigations on Omdurman Islamic University Incident.
* Ethiopian PM Chairs UNSC Session, Ghandour Arrives in New York.

* Protests in Washington Calling for Permanent Lifting of Sanctions on Sudan.
* Al Bashir Affirms Government Keenness to Achieve Peace in Sudan.
* Parliament Summons Economic Sector Ministers on Bread Crisis.
* Foreign Minister Arrives in New York.