Current Date:

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Saturday 5th August, 2017

*Kasha: We will Not Remain Arms Folded towards what had Happened at Khor Al Waral Camp

* Egyptian Authorities Detain 222 Citizens of Halayeb.
* Rains Lead to Death of 6 Persons in Khartoum and Disconnection of 21 Main Electricity Lines.
* Manufacturers Chamber: Increase of Production would Settle Medicines Problem.

Akhir Lahza
*Investigations Start with 78 Accused Persons in the Incidents of Khor Al-Waral Camp.
*International Reports: South Sudan has the Biggest Number of Child Soldiers.
*Electricity Company Receives 11915 Reports in the Wake of Rains and Storms.
*Khartoum: We Support the Kuwaiti Initiative for Resolving Gulf Crisis.

Akhbar Al-Youm
*Interior Ministry Inspects Khor Al-Waral Camp, 50 Refugees Arrested in Connection with the Incidents.
* Rains in Khartoum Led to Death of Seven Persons, Collapse of Houses and Disconnection of 21 Power Lines.
* Plan for Establishment of New Port at the Free Zone at the Red Sea.
*Egypt Detains 222 Citizens of Halayeb.

*Kasha Warns Refugees of South Sudan against Compromising Security of the Citizens.
*Egypt Launches Campaign of Detentions against Citizens of Halayeb.
*Isam Al-Bashir Urges the Government to Curb Tribal Conflicts.
*Abu-Median Calls on SPLM-N to Settle its Negotiations Stances.

Al-Ray Al-Aam
*Khartoum Paralyzed by Unprecedented Rains, Six Citizens Died.
* Government Vows to Punish those who Committed Aggression against Women Teachers and Sabotaged Khor Al-Waral Camp.
* Khartoum to Host Meeting of the General Assembly of the Council of African Political Parties.
* Parliamentarian: Tribal Conflicts in Darfur Pose Security Threat More than that of the Armed Movements.

Al-Youm Al-Tali
*Egyptian Occupation Arrests 222 Citizens of Halayeb.
*Juba: Recommendation Calling for Changing Name of the Army to South Sudan People Defense Forces.
*Government Urges UN to Condemn Incidents of Al-Waral Refugee Camp.
* Parliamentary Committee: Purchase of Gold by Private Sector Increases Production.

* The President Begins Vacation in Morocco.
*Ministerial Committee Set Up to Investigate Spoiling of 1200 Bags of Sorghum in Gedarif.
* 18000 Child Soldiers in South Sudan.
*Kasha: We will Not Tolerate Chaos and Sabotage by Refugees of South Sudan.

*Floods Hit Parts of Al Ghaih and Gharab Al Harat Areas.
*Al-Hillu Reinstates Dismissed Leaderships of SPLM-N.
* Popular Campaigns for Cleaning up of Khartoum to be Launched on Tuesday.
*Agreement reached on Provision of Housing for Limited-income People in Khartoum State.