Current Date:

Friday, 17 November 2017

Global Aid Hand: The Icon of Humanitarian Work in Abyei

Khartoum- The people of Abyei area experience exceptional situations. They had suffered from difficult situations as a result of lack of basic services, including drinking water, health and education. These circumstances necessitated urgent intervention by the humanitarian organizations. Thus, the national Global Aid Hand (GAH) organization came to extend support to all the people of Abyei without exception, supported in its work by UNICEF.
Global Aid Hand organization has implemented many projects in Abyei since it came to the area in 2013. These projects have covered the various fields of health, education, nutrition, water and sanitation. GAH has been able to achieve big achievements in this short period, with partnership and funding by UNICEF.
In the southern part of north Abyei, GAH organization has implemented a number of projects in the fields of health, water, education and sanitation. The organization is now embarked on provision of medicines and medical equipment to the health centers in the area. This is besides improving the educational environment in schools in the same area, by providing all schooling requirements.
Director of West Kordofan and Abyei Sector of GAH organization Ahmed Omer Mohamed said the organization has provided all requirements of the educational process, including exercise books, textbooks and seating, at Um Al Khair, Mekaines, Goli and Faidh Al Zaraf areas.
He noted that the organization also supported four centers regarding provision of medicines and extra feeding for children, indicating that the organization is now embarked on implementation of sanitation program in the area.
The new programs GAH is implementing in the area include water and sanitation and peace-building and peaceful coexistence between Messairiyah and Dinka tribes, Mohamed said.
The GAH official pointed out that the organization also supports small income-generating projects for the citizens.
He pointed out that the organization also work among the local communities, refugees and IDPs, explaining that GAH made interventions at Al-Mairam area, including construction of two schools and two community development centers, direct support for 400 families and supporting 400 others through income-generating projects.
Director General of GAH organization Ismail Mohamed Hajana said the organization has moved to intensify its work in Abyei for its special humanitarian situation, where it has implemented many vital projects, pointing out that these projects have contributed to creating stability for the people of the area.
He added that GAH has been able to win the confidence of the people of Abyei through the big projects it has implemented for them, referring to their role in the betterment of the lives of the citizens there.
Hajana commended the support extended by the donors to the projects of the organization, pointing out that GAH is working with its partners of UN agencies, including UNICEF, OCHA, UNDP, WFP and Sudan support fund.