Current Date:

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Sudanese Returned from KSA

Hundreds families of Sudanese expatriates have been working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for tens of years returned home voluntarily after an amnesty for foreign employee to legalize their status according to Saudi labor laws. Saudi Arabia imposed new more taxes to the expatriates and their families which are considered as burden on the employees who have low and limited in compared with those who have good and distinctive jobs in education and health sectors.
Nearly ten million migrants from different countries and various nationalities are exist in Saud I Arabia more than million of the them took advantage of the amnesty to leave voluntarily .Others were able to find employers to sponsor them a legal requirement in the Kingdom as in several other Gulf States.
Saudi Arabia gave a period of three months for all workers to legalize their status. Some of them are responded to these decisions from KSA and committed and legalized their status. Others are failed, they have to one two things either to legalize or to leave .The situation is critical for most of them. There are thousands of Sudanese and other nationalities have being working in Saudi Arabia for ten or more years, and they are in need to legalize their status. They have their families, sons and daughters at schools and Universities.   It is not easy to return home compulsory without any plans or strategies.
Economic experts described these decisions from Saudi Arabia as an internal affair, and the migrants or expatriates or the foreign workers have to legal their status and to avoid
Sudanese Government expressed its commitment and readiness to provide assistance to those who return home. But the Sudanese ministry of labor didn’t determine the actual numbers of those who deported from Saud Arabia, at the same time the number of the expatriates is increasing daily. Joint efforts are needed to exert to face such issues. These huge numbers of returned families will face many problems and challenges to enroll their children in the Sudanese schools and universities.
Sudanese Embassy in Saudi Arabia has a role to play in facilitating the procedures to legalize the status or to return home, millions of Sudanese have been working in the different parts of Saudi Arabia in different specializations , they are qualified enough to work anywhere all over the world . What is important is to set plans and strategies for their life in Sudan and abroad.
What is happened in Saudi Arabia either to agree or disagree will consider a turning point for the Sudanese expatriates to benefit from these decisions enabling them to legalize their status and to continue their works to share and exchange knowledge and experience with other nationalities in Saudi Arabia.