Current Date:

Monday, 23 October 2017

Echo: Sudanese Russian Rapprochement

A deep-rooted relation links Sudan with Russia a matter that makes Russia the most country that knows Sudan with all its precise details.
Last week the Sudanese-Russian Week activities concluded in Moscow session where several figures contributed in improving the relations. 
The occasion was organized and sponsored by the Sudanese Foreign Affairs Ministry within the framework of celebrating the 60th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between the two countries.
The celebrations included exhibitions and forums which covered all aspects of art and culture along with the political and economic relations.
No doubt that the Sudanese embassy in Moscow had a considerable and appreciated role in making the celebrations successful.
The Sudanese embassy in Moscow has a future vision represented by the fact that Moscow is heading to restore its lost international leading position.
It is high time for Sudan to make swift moves towards more rapprochement with Russian considering that Russia as permanent member of the UNSC plays an important positive role in the peaceful and positive policy of Sudan, especially concerning Darfur and the relation with South Sudan.
It is well-known that some countries try to exert pressure on the Sudanese government and so Sudan should look for any means to have to support from Russia.
Sudanese-Russian rapprochement is very crucial to abort the plots of several hostile countries and institutions which attempt to tarnish the image of Sudan to push backwards the bilateral relations of Khartoum with Russia as a great power.
Getting closer to Russia is a proper decision and the joint political committee should be activated for the benefit of the two countries.
Russia is the most knowledgeable, among the other great powers, to what is going on in the African and Arab Arena.