Current Date:

Friday, 17 November 2017

Daily Life Proceeded in Full Normalcy in Khartoum and the States

Khartoum- Life progressed in full normalcy in Khartoum State and all other states of the Sudan yesterday as trade and service activities continued operating normally despite repeated calls for the so-called civil disobedience by the opposition.
Sudan Vision conducted a number of field tours to many areas in the national capital that proved that what was called for by the opposition of the so-called civil disobedience has no any effect on the movement of the daily life, as the movement of the citizens in markets, industrial areas and places of services and over roads was fully normal. The public transport also remained working normally over the roads of Khartoum as all education institutions continued teaching as usual.
The traffic movement between the three towns of the capital of Khartoum, Omdurman and Khartoum North was normal and government and private businesses operated as usual.
Also, the daily life in all other states of Sudan went normally, a matter that proved full rejection by the citizens to the call for so-called civil disobedience.
Sudan Vision noted that those who call for civil disobedience attempted in vain to influence the citizens not to go out by fabricating a number of rumors and intimidating things. They also disseminated a rumor that yesterday was a public holiday “on the occasion of the declaration of Independence from inside the parliament,” but the citizens did not heed such allegations and went to their business as usual.
A number of citizens interviewed by Sudan Vision affirmed that the call for civil disobedience is unjustified and intended to serve special agenda of certain persons.
Citizen Mohamed Ibrahim Yusuf said he had been following what was going on in some countries in the Arab and African areas of deteriorated security situations and chaos, saying that the blessing of security Sudan is enjoying now is yearned for by the citizens of these countries.
Yusuf called on the citizens to safeguard the security and stability being witnessed by Sudan now, noting that those who call for civil disobedience are living abroad and will not be affected by attempt to destabilize the country.
In Omdurman Sudan Vision toured the market recognized that the life is going on normally as the tailors, electronic workshops, groceries are open and the workers are busy in doing their jobs. They said that they don’t have the time to waste is such negative activities while their families are waiting for them to provide the commodities and school fees.
Some of them who are retired staff said that their entitlements are always late, calling on the concerned authorities to resolve the retired staff entitlements issue to be received on time.
To sum it up, the market was not affected by the calls of civil disobidiences as the movements are regular.