Current Date:

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Tuesday, 14th November, 2017


* Al Bashir Calls for Sudanese/Ugandan/Arab Investment Conference in Khartoum

* Finance Minister: Exchange Rate Will Be Stable Soon.
* Consultative Meeting for IGAD in Khartoum on Illegal Migration.
* Petroleum Ministry Reveals Gap in Local Consumption of Fuel Products.

Akhbar Al-Youm
* NCP: Next Elections Will Develop the Democratic and Political Practice.
* Police Authorities Prepare New Public Order Act.
* EU: We Supported Sudan by 50 Million Euros to Confront Illegal Migration.
* Khartoum Cabinet to Organize a Special Session for Health Insurance.

* Interior Minister: Illegal Migration is Our Big Concern.
* New Policies to Stop Flour Smuggling.
* Minister of Industry: We Aim at Producing 647 Thousand Tons of Sugar Next Year.
* Health Insurance Covers 72% of Khartoum Population.

Al-Youm Al-Tali

* Juba Ends Embargo, Releases General Malong.
* Information Minister: I Have Nothing to Do with Press Act.
* Al Bashir to Address Students’ General Conference.
* Presidency Pledges to Provide Health Services.

Akhir Lahza
* Prosecution Investigates on 25 Money Laundering Cases
* Police Forces Contain Protests of Geraif East Citizens.
* RSF Seizes Narcotics with Foreign Officers.
* 70% of Sudanese Students who Joined ISIS Returned.
Al-Ray Al-Aam
* Successful Summit between Sudanese and Ugandan Presidents.
* Minister of Industry: No Policies to Control Sugar Importation.
* Demarcation Committee to Resume Meetings Next Monday.
* FVP Addresses Financial Investment First Forum.

* Finance Ministry: No Trend to Float the Sudanese Pound.
* NISS Seizes Heavy Weapons Hidden in North Darfur.
* Remittance of US$4 Billion of Expatriates Savings to Sisterly State.
* New Policies to Stop the Collapse of the Sudanese Pound.

* Sudan and Ethiopia Refutes Engineering Consultant’s Report on GERD.
* Parliament Rejects Finance Minister Answer on Port Sudan Water Plant.
* Calls for Controlling the Imports.
* Finance Minister: SDG700 Million for Darfur Projects.