Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Sunday 26th   March 2017
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Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Sunday 26th March 2017

* SPLM-N Assigns Abdulaziz Al-Hilu  for Talks Instead of Arman.
* Nations Mourns Sudanese International Plastic Artists Prof. Shibrain.
* SSMO Celebrates Arab Standardization Day
* Clashes with Unknown Gunmen Resulted to the Killing of 6 Police men in East Darfur.

Akhir Lahza
* Disputes among SPLM-N.
* Higher Education Ministry Reveals New Projects for Alternative Energy.
* Ali-El-Haj Elected PCP Secretary General by Majority.
* Presidency Forms Higher Committee to Support S. Sudan Refugees.

* MP; Us Citizens Desire to Visit Sudan for Tourism.
* Al Bashir Honours Mosevini for his Efforts in Releasing the POWs.
* Hassabo Discusses with Ethiopian PM the Peace in South Sudan and Regional Issues.
* 406 Egyptian Students Sit for Sudan School Examinations.
* Terrorism Attack in London.

Al-Ray Al-Aam
* Ibrahim Mahmoud: Peace will be a Reality before the End of 2017.
* Al Mahdi Praises Late Dr. Turabi.
* Kassala State Seized 1700 Unlicensed vehicles.
* Zakat Chamber Pledges to Provide Services to Voluntary Return Project in West Darfur.

Al-Youm Al-Tali
* Kauda Meeting Dismisses Arman from All Positions.
* Juba Rejects Troops from Outside the Region in Protection Forces.
* NCP: More than 3 Million Members of the Party are Youth.
* SDG128 Billion for Services’ Projects in Sudan.
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* Presidential Aide: Political Stability Is Necessary for Building Sudan.
* Calls in the Parliament for Summoning Electricity Minister.
* Darfur States Demands More Support to Meet the Flow of South Sudan Refugees.
* NUP Deputy Chairman Meets Leading Figures from Jibril Movement in Washington.
Akhbar Al-Youm
* Abdallah Masar Calls on Government to Review Gold Production Policies.
* Presidential Aide Inspects Drugs and Poisons Council.
* South Kordofan Receives Kid Who Flee Rebel Controlled Areas.
* Sudan School Certificate Exams Continue Smoothly.
* NCP Discusses Proposal to review Newspapers Confiscation.
* Parliament Warns against Egyptian Military Support to South Sudan.
* American Delegations Visit Khartoum.
* Agreement between NUP and JEM.