Current Date:

Friday, 24 November 2017

Sudan Delegation in Brussels: Sudan Will Continue Smart Partnerships in all Continents

Khartoum -  (SUNA) The Sudan's government and private sector joint delegation currently in visit to Brussels, led by the State Minister of the Investment Ministry, Osama Faisal al-Sayed, asserted that the Sudan continuous exploration for opportunities of finance and smart partnerships in all continent in case whether the sanctions revoked the sanctions or not.
In phone call with SUNA, Osama noted from his residence in Brussels, that the delegation has discussed ways to provide funding for the private sector via European partnership during meetings with the concerned institutions of the European Union with the private sector, the Belgian State Minister of trade investment, and the confederal association of enterprises and the investments of the EU states.
The said that the meeting reviewed during these meeting the importance of Sudan's private sector benefit from the EU foreign plans for investment, pointing that the government delegation has presented to the EU institutions the reforms adopted by the state in both the economic and investment sectors.
He added that the delegation has provided detailed briefing to the European institutions concerned on the business environment to the different organization, and the overall revision of the investment and business's laws and regulations.
Faisal said that the government delegation has also reviewed at these meetings the banking and economic policies, indicating that the delegation will continue meetings with specialized agencies in funding and partnerships with the private sector.