Current Date:

Friday, 24 November 2017

CBOS Starts Activating Monetary Policy Tools by Selling Certificates and Securities in Khartoum Stock Exchange

Khartoum - The Central Bank of Sudan (CBOS) announced that it had executed an unprecedented deal by selling certificates and securities that it owned, in Khartoum Stock Exchange for one billion pounds after it had already started activating the monetary policy tools it uses to regulate liquidity in the economy.
CBOS Governor, Hazem Abdul Gadir said that the transaction comes within the framework of the new policy adopted by the bank and the ministry of finance to restore confidence in the securities issued by Sudan Financial Services Company, stressing that the bank started the activating of the tools of monetary policy used to regulate liquidity in the economy by this deal, which aims to re-employ liquidity to the productive sectors and attract part of the excess liquidity of the economy, pointing to the advantages achieved by the said transaction, where Khartoum Stock Exchange witnessed, on Tuesday, the largest volume of trading in its history, while the number of transactions reached 77 ones.