Current Date:

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Government Announces Arms Collection Kick off From Al Fashir City

Khartoum: Vice President of the Republic Hassabu Mohamed  Abdulrahman has announced arms collection kick off and the illegalized vehicles collection  in Darfur state as of

Hassabu said while addressing the Legislative Council ,the governor and the members of  the council , the members of North Darfur government , that the kick off of arms collection is launched from Fashir A l Sultan.
He directed the immediate collection of arms and illegalized vehicles  across Sudan starting with Darfur  and Kurdufan.
Hassabu highlighted the threats disrupting the progress of security and stability in the country and the phenomena of human trafficking , illegal migration spread of arms and illegalized cars.
Hassabu said the security services has closed all cross-points to prevent entry of illegalized cars and arms which he said has now became the biggest threat on stability and security in Sudan noting that Sudan has become the biggest dumping place for illegalized cars which were used in committing international crimes particularly the pick up cars which are now a big threat and became a warfare machine  difficult to control.
He further outlined that the High Committee for Arms Collection has acknowledged collection of arms for imposing the state image , the rule of law and public safety along with maintaining arms in the hand of the regular forces only
The  said committee has issued a warning  banning carrying arms by non-regular forces as per the regulations and prohibiting wearing Kadamol (masks)and confiscation of illegalized cars coming form Libya without compensation.
He said more than six thousand illegalized cars have entered Darfur from Libya banning the use of four-wheel drive vehicles by citizens .