Current Date:

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Announcement of Acceptance Result for Higher Education Institutions

Khartoum - Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific research announced yesterday the outcome of the admission to universities and institutions of higher education.   

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific research, Dr Sumeiya   Kashawa said yesterday in a press conference that the ministry has been working continuously until the ministry is ready to announce the outcome on the scheduled date.   "We have reached a progress in the use of the internet in all admissions and we have published a culture of internet use among all Sudanese people 95%of the ministry's work have become electronic ".
Abu Kashwa stated that there is a progress  and stability  in the network  in all the States and we have not received  complaints  since last year ? This year, 191830  students, including 148225  students, who have been nominated for the Bachelor's level, have been admitted to 79%, said  the State Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Prof Al-Tijani Mustafa.
The State Minister appreciated the efforts and support of the Ministry of Finance, Communication, Bank of Sudan and all the Commercial Banks and its branches in the states.
On his side, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education Prof. Azhari Omer Abdulbagi congratulated the students and their families for their success with their transition to higher education, which will be a place of ownership of the skills and knowledge that make them the qualified cadres that the Sudan is proud of in the development