Current Date:

Monday, 20 November 2017

Assistant to President: Halayeb is Sudanese without Any Controversy

Khartoum - Assistant to the President of the Republic Musa Mohamed Ahmed said Halayeb constitutes an important axis in the policies of the state as it is a locality of a

specialty, stressing attention accorded to it because it is a Sudanese territory without any controversy and its citizens are entitled to be provided with services that make them lead a decent life.
He affirmed while addressing a mass rally at the said locality in the Red Sea State, their pursuit to resolve Halayeb issue peacefully and promised the citizens to deliver more services and sponsorship from the part of the Presidency of the Republic,
The Assistant to the President was acquainted during his visit to Halayeb with the conditions of the citizens and the armed forces and inspected development projects implemented against East Construction Fund in addition to issues of developmental security dimension.
He also held a meeting with the government of the locality, mayors and Sheikhs and prominent figures and inspected a number of projects in the fields of health, education and water.
The Representative of the Red Sea Governor Mohamed Al Hassan Tahir has praised the efforts of the Presidency of the Republic, its attention to the human of Halayeb and its execution of a number of development projects.