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Saturday, 25 November 2017

Bilal: Talks are Not Futile, Armed Movements are Still Intransigent

Khartoum - (smc) The government has affirmed that the operation of negotiating with the armed movements are not futile but they are efforts for realizing peace and

stability in the country highlighting the hard line approach of the armed movements with the aim of violating     the progress of negotiation and attempting to annul them after they were accorded consensus
Government official spokesperson  Ahmed Bilal Osman told SMC that the fracturing of the opposition and the armed forces have very much harmed the progress of peace noting that the door is still open for dialogue with any agency desiring peace stressing their preparedness to talk saying that the main objective is peace in conformity with specified tracts of negotiation .
Bilal called on the international community and the African Union to put more pressure on the armed movements for realization of peace.