Current Date:

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Interior Minister: Strategic Plan for Controlling Foreign Presence

Khartoum- (smc) The Interior Ministry has disclosed that it is embarked on implementation of a strategic plan for controlling the foreign presence in the country with the

participation of the community committees in the capital and the states.
Meanwhile, the Ministry has affirmed that it possesses the necessary modern means and technologies for combating crime and preventing it, stressing that the police forces are working around the clock for maintaining security and stability in the country.
Minister of Interior Lt. Gen. Hamid Mannan said in a statement to smc that police is working to maintain the rule of law and boosting the pillars of justice, security and social peace, in collaboration with all components of the Sudanese society.
The Minister stressed that the police forces are endeavoring to extend the best services to the citizens, saying that they are keen on preserving the security and stability as their duty towards the country.