Current Date:

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Haftar Pursues Method of Gaddafi in Supporting Darfur Movements

Khartoum- (smc) The Government has asked anew the countries supporting the rebel movements to stop this support and destabilizing the security and stability of the

It said what has been extended by Haftar to the rebel movements is considered as a reward to these mercenaries for their role in participating in the war in Libya.
The Official Government Spokesman, Dr. Ahmed Bilal Osman, said in a statement to smc that the support that has been extended by Haftar to the armed movements in Libya is considered as continuation of the method that had been adopted by Muammer Gaddafi for destabilizing the security of Sudan by supporting these negative movements.
He pointed out that Haftar sends the armed movements to find their death and be defeated by the regular forces, stressing that Sudan is fully capable of defending its borders and territories and repulsing whoever attempts to destabilize its security and stability.
Osman called on the movements to abandon such desperate attempts and distance themselves from realizing the ambitions of some persons.