Current Date:

Friday, 20 October 2017

Ghandour: Country will Continue Efforts to Meet All Requirements to Join WTO

Geneva - (SUNA) The Minister for Foreign Affairs, professor Ibrahim Ghandour, has underlined following his meeting with the Director of the World Trade Organization WTO that Sudan would continue its effort to meet the requirements for joining the world Trade Organization
The Minister who continues his current visit n the company of Dr. Mustafa Osman Ismail, Sudan's permanent representative in Geneva and Dr. Yousuf Al-Kurdufani, the head of the European Department at the Ministry of foreign affairs, has commended the organization for its technical assistance to the Sudan
The organization has meanwhile underlined that they would back the Sudan until it joins the organization.
The minister has me while addressed the gathering of the Arab ambassador's council and the African ambassadors' council, commending their stands behind the Sudan and their endeavors to serve the causes of their regions.
The Minister briefed the ambassadors on his recent meeting with the Swiss foreign minister and the issued discussed in the meeting saying he discussed with the Suisse official issues related to the bilateral relations but also questions related to terrorism and the human trafficking and illegal migration.
He also touched on the issue the imprisoned Palestinian and the need to find a peaceful solution to the Palestinian issues.
The Minister also touched on the developments in South Sudan as well as the question of the National Dialogue in the Sudan that led to the formation of the National Accord Government that will implement the document, the outcome of the national dialogue, upon which 129 political parties and 34 armed movements that veered to peace in the country, have consented.
The ambassadors on their part commended the efforts exerted by the Sudan for the prevalence of peace and stability it eh array and African regions saying they consider the national dialogue a model to be followed by other countries for reaching a peaceful solution to political problems.