Current Date:

Friday, 20 October 2017

C. Darfur Government Urges AUPSC to Exercise Pressures on Abdul-Wahid to Join Peace Process

Nertati- Khartoum – Governor of Central Darfur State Gafaar Abdul-Hakam has urged the Peace and Security Council of the African Union (AUPSC) to exercise more pressures on Abdul-Wahid Mohamed Nur to make him respond to the peace calls.
The Governor, presenting a briefing to the visiting delegation of AUPSC at the headquarters of Western Jebel Marra Locality at Nertati last Wednesday said it is better for Abdel-Wahid to sit with the government at the negotiating table to reach appropriate solutions instead of talking to the media.
The Governor pointed out that Abdel-Wahid, after his military defeat, resorted to planting sleeping cells in the camps, who are practicing extortion against the citizens and inciting them against the government programs, affirming end of Abdul-Wahid military activities in Jebel Marra area, except for small pockets that are active in looting the cattle of the citizens.
Abdul-Hakam affirmed improvement of the security and humanitarian situations in all localities of the state, especially in Jebel Marra area, noting that 140,000 displaced persons and refugees have returned to their original villages.
He explained that his government is working for the rehabilitation of these areas and creating conducive environment for the voluntary return of the displaced persons and refugees. This is besides re-planning of the displaced persons camps in the towns for those who desire to stay there.
The governor said the reasons that led to the presence of the UNAMID in Dafur have now ended and there is no longer an armed conflict or security threats that necessitate its presence, affirming continuation of his government’s cooperation with UNAMID and the other international organizations for boosting peace and stability.