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Friday, 20 October 2017

Seminar “Strengthening Sudan Health System – 2014- 17 Experience”

Khartoum – (Press Release ) The Seminar “Strengthening Sudan Health System – 2014-2017 Experience” took place in Kassala on 14/15 of May. This Seminar has concluded the activity of the first Program of Delegated Cooperation - Promoting Qualitative Health Services in Eastern Sudan-PQHS- implemented by Italian Cooperation and funded by European Union, in 2014, for a budget of 8.6 million Euros.
At the event participated the local counterparts, with a delegation from the Federal Ministry of Health together with eight Directorates, the UN Agencies related to the health sector (WHO, UNICEF, UNDP, UNOPS,WFP), the Minister of Health of Kassala State together with the directors general of the three State Ministers of Health of Red Sea, Kassala and Gedaref (the states where the initiative was implemented) and the departments who worked for the realization of the activities of the program, a delegation from the European Union to Sudan and the Italian Agency for Development and Cooperation.
The objective of the seminar was to present the positive as well as the critical points of the three pillars of the program: improving the quality and the accessibility of health services, development of human resources. All of them were key elements to strengthen the health services in Sudan.
The initiative, which was designed based on health priorities and needs, was conducted in a strict collaboration with the three Ministries of Health in Eastern Sudan. The PQHS worked on three fundamental aspects to guarantee the universal access to health in the African Country: training of health workers, rehabilitation and construction of health centers, improving the drugs distribution.
A good dialogue with the Sudanese Authorities has promoted the creation of a common way of working, which is demonstrated by the acknowledgements received by the Italian Cooperation during the conference.
All “lessons learned”, which vary between the three targeted States due to different social and cultural elements, have been reflected in a positive dialogue which is now the base for the next three-year programs funded by the European Union and the Italian Agency for Development and Cooperation, for a total budged of 28 million of Euro.
Since the signature of the Peace Agreement in 2006, Italy has been active in the health cooperation in the Eastern States of Sudan. Even today these areas are one of the poorest and disadvantaged in Sudan, taking also in consideration the growing migration flow from the Horn of Africa, which affects directly the Eastern States of Sudan.