Current Date:

Friday, 17 November 2017

Mubarak Affirms Sudan Keenness to Enhance Investment Climate

Khartoum - The Minister of Investment Mubarak Al-Fadhil Al-Mahdi has affirmed Sudan's keenness to enhance the investment climate in accordance with a comprehensive vision to absorb the global developments in this field, stressing the importance of investment in strengthening the economy and exchanging of interests with peoples and countries.
This came during his meeting, Wednesday at his office, with the delegation of the Arab Union for Investment and Real Estate Development and the delegation of the Turkish Real Estate Investment Association, in the [presence of the State Minister at the Ministry of Investment Osama Faisal and the Secretary General of the National Housing Fund Dr. Gholamuddin Othman.
Al-Mahdi said that the Sudan enjoyed huge investment capabilities in the field of real estate construction, pointing out that the remittances of Sudanese expatriates in the diaspora countries have mainly been directed towards the real estate construction, a matter that confirms the availability of investment opportunities in this field, appreciating the Turkish experiences in the field of real estate construction, reiterating the ministry's welcome to Turkish companies, investors and businessmen.
For his part, the Head of the Turkish Real Estate Investment Association said that the visit was made to view the opportunities and climate of investment, stressing their readiness to invest in the real estate and construction sector in Sudan, calling for establishment of a specialized body to study the conditions and needs of construction and building.
The Head of the Delegation of the Arab Union for Investment and Real Estate Development Dr. Ayman Al-Najjar urged the Turkish investors to invest in building materials instead of imports, referring to the availability of raw materials in Sudan, adding that the Sudanese market is promising with investment opportunities in the real estate sector.