Current Date:

Friday, 20 October 2017

UNSC Announces Improvement of Conditions in Sudan

Khartoum - The President of United Nations Security Council said Sudan has seen advancement in general conditions and in the speical issues related to development of Darfur.
He noted that the government has cooperated considerably with the experts committee in all fields.
UNSC Vladimir Yelchenko is chairing the committee which was  set  under resolution 1591 issued by the International Security Council in 2005  related to reviewing the measures of penalties imposed  by the Security Council on Sudan
Yelchenko added, during his meeting with the government of North Darfur state on Tuesday that he will incorporate the government cooperation in Security Council experts’ committee report.
He said the United Nations has observations on the impact of its sanctions on the citizens a matter that necessitated sending the experts committee to probe the issue and submitted it to the competent agencies.
He elaborated that his visit to North Darfur aims at getting acquainted with Sudan’s commitment to the guidelines of resolution 1591, as well as following up the decisions which were issued against Sudan, along with being familiarized with the impacts of the snactions on the ground.
For his part North Darfur Governor, Abdulwahid Yousif has affiremed that the state has recovered from war and they have started to reconcile refugees and displaced persons conditions as well as reconstruction.
He highlighted the launching of development projects, social reconcilations and collecting arms from citizens in addition to fighting the human traffecking phenomenon across our border with Libya.
He said the sanctions imposed on Sudan are based by evidences provided by some opposition groups and some of them are fabricated and unrealistic.