Current Date:

Monday, 20 November 2017

Independent Expert Announces End of His Term of Office Next September

Khartoum - Human Rights Independent Expert in Sudan Aristide Nononsi has announced that his term of office will end next September after presenting his fourth and last

report to Human Rights council in Geneva next Sepetmber.
He praised during his meeting yesterday with the secretary General of the National Dialogue, the Minister of Minerals Professor Hashim Ali Salim the role undertaken by the Secretariat of the National dialogue for making it a success.
He noted that his visit to the Secretariat of the dialogue is for following up what was done in the last period stressing that there is a remarkable progress in implemention of the outcomes of the national dialogue hoping that all the outcomes of the dialogue would be implemented.
The Secretary General of the National Dialogue Conference , the Minister of Minerals has affirmed that the dialoge has realized its targets  after forming the national accord government outlining that invitation is still open to the holdouts to come on board the national dialogue so that it becomes a comprehensive dialogue along with presenting all gurantees of political protection for them.
He   said in a press statements that the national accord government was formed  and now all the ministers were seelcted and the held  their first meeting two days ago and they held their second meeting yesterday and the since Tuesday the actual implemention of the recommendations of the national dialogue has started .