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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Hilal: Horn of Africa Area Suffers Development Pressures due to Drought

Khartoum - The 46th regional climate conference of the Horn Africa countries opened a two-day session in Corinthia Hotel in Khartoum yesterday.

The conference is held under the theme of “building capacities for warding off negative climatic effects.
Addressing the opening session of the conference, Minister of Environment and Physical Development Hassan Hilal pointed out that climatic disasters are one of the prevalent phenomena in the Horn of Africa area.
The minister indicated that the regional office has issued forecasts for the economic sectors in the African states on the climatic phenomena that threaten food security, which will be announced at the conclusion of the forum.
He noted that climatic changes perpetuate the effects of extreme weather conditions such as drought phenomenon, a matter that necessitates that the policy-makers should prepare in advance to confront such incidents by making use of early warning weather forecasts, issued by IGAD Regional Centre.
Hilal explained that the Horn of Africa area witnesses development pressures, attributing this to shortage in resources due to climatic phenomena such as drought and desertification.