Current Date:

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Industrial Chambers Union Criticizes Egyptian Stance towards Lifting Economic Sanctions

Khartoum: The Secretary General of the Union of Owners of Industrial Chambers, Dr. Abass Ali Alsayed has criticized the Egyptian stance towards lifting the economic

sanctions from Sudan.
He described that stance as strange in inappropriate from the neighborhood countries.
He said the Egyptian reservation over lifting the economic sanctions stems from the support extended by Sudan to the Egyptian economy in the light of retaining the economic sanctions stressing that Sudan supports treatment tourism in Egypt by more than four treatment journeys per day while Cairo is fearing  Sudan’s exploitation of its share of the River Nile in  case of establishing additional economic projects while there are more than three million Sudanese nationals investing in Egypt as well as the dependence of the Egyptian exports on the Sudanese exports and benefiting from the cross-border smuggling
Abass has criticized in a forum on effects  of lifting the economic sanctions on Sudan which  was organized by  Sudan Vision the completion of the governmental sector to the private sector elaborating that the erroneous governmental policies were devastating to the private sector.