Current Date:

Friday, 20 October 2017

Birr and Tawasul to Launch Smiling Children Project in Red Sea State

Khartoum - The Birr and Tawasul Organization will launch tomorrow, in collaboration with the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation the project of Smiling Children at Doha Girls School in Port-Sudan Central Locality, Red Sea State.
The program includes presenting school uniforms and giving breakfast meal to 787 male and female pupils of three targeted schools.
It is to be recalled that the project was launched in 2015 at two basic level schools in Khartoum State, two schools in the White Nile State and then expanded to include three schools in the Red Sea State.
The representative of the China Foundation will attend the festival on this occasion for Poverty Alleviation, the Governor of the Red Sea State, officials of the Ministry of Education in the state and number of officials assuming constitutional positions.
Birr and Tawasul is a charitable organization which was founded in 2000 and registered in the year 2004 to operate in social and health fields. The organization is launching the project of Smiling Children for providing breakfast meals for more than 2000 male and female basic level pupils in Khartoum State, 1500 pupils in the White Nile State, Rabak Locality. This project is being implemented in cooperation with the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, and in coordination with the Embassy of China in Khartoum. The project has given school uniforms for all the targeted schools.
Al-Birr and Tawasul Organization aims to organize an exhibition of Sudanese handicrafts production at Green Park in Khartoum on October 31, with participation from all of Sudan. The organization has contributed to the establishment of 18 hospitals in different states of Sudan.