Current Date:

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Commerce Ministry Expects Visit by Turkish Deputy Minister of Economy

Khartoum - (Khalda Elyas) The Ministry of Commerce has disclosed a prospected visit by Turkish Deputy Minister of Economy to Khartoum and the technical delegation accompanying him
The visit will deal  the economic trade agreement between Sudan and Turkey which was discussed between the two sides in the first round in Turkey whereby all the axes of  the agreement was agreed on through the technical teams of the two sides, except for some points which the Turkish side demanded their review.
An informed source at the Ministry has said it was expected that all the items of the agreement are to be underscored by the visit of the Turkish Vice Minister of economy then the agreement will be signed during the  expected visit of the Turkish president  Recep Tayyip Erdogan next month noting that the agreement parties are , the Ministry of Trade , Industry, Agriculture, Animal Resources, Investment , the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank of Sudan, Customs , and Taxation , Specifications and Metrology and the Ministry of International cooperation.
The source outlined that the agreement aims at entering in a real partnership with the Turkish side.