Current Date:

Friday, 20 October 2017

National Forum of Youths for Combating Females Circumcision and Child Marriage For A Community Free of Community Damaging Practises

(Khalda Alias )
The National conference for combating female circumcision and child marrage which was organized by the Developmental Studies Institute of Khartoum University and UNICEF with the particpation of the non-governmental organizations, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nation Population Fund comes for discussing youths issues which are harmful to the youths in particular and the community as a whole.
The State Has Allocated A Full Ministry for Youths
Representative of the Ministry of Youths & Sport Nawal Zein Al abdin has affirmed the state attention to the segement of the youths by allocating a ministry to address their issues and care about their problems noting that the most important policies of the ministry is caring about them in the voluntry work and enhancing partnership between them and the government as well as the community in adition to boosting their capacities against the social ills which pose a threat  to their phaysical and psychological health.
She affirmed that in the  national strategy of youths the issue of health represents the most important issue that confirms the positive habits  noting that this forum comes as a result of cooperation and synchronizing efforts and embodies the vision of creating a heathy generation , spiritually physically and psychologically capable of encountering the requirements of its present time and future.
She stressed that to attain a healthy generation it is impertive to care about children and abandan the habits and practises harmful to them noting that the woman is the creater of generations and the youths are half of the present day and all the future.
Institute:  Traditions and Adverse Practises Must Be Abandoned
Meanwhile Dr. Hasim Ahmed Al Abid, The Manage of the Developmental studies Instiute of Khartoum University , has affirmed that circumcision of females and child marage are one of the inherited societal norms which have social , health and economic adverse effects it is a highly important issue as the youths represent 60% of the population of Sudan and they are the most affected by these practises  thus they have to review the appraoches that assist the youths to adopt this perspective
He added that the aim of this forum is promoting their behaviors and their approach as well as overseeing them to raise the level of their skills.
He affirmed that the institute will work with the partners and the donors towards implementing the outcomes of the forum  to develop the postive aspects  and avoid the adverse effcets and the  second forum is to lay down tangible steps of abandoning our inherited traditions which are harmful to the community.
Intisar Abu Najma, The President of the Woman & Gender Unit at the Developmental Studies Institute of Khartoum University  has outlined that the sudanese community has offered the power to the elite categories  and gave it the leadership  and listen to what they say of opnions stressing that the youths the knowledge availed to them , experiments and information they accessed  and the ability they have for gearing efforts  makes them capable of undertaking a leading role in yhe community  and enables them  to address their issues and problems  and figure out solutions for them.
She stressed that the issue of circumcising girls   is now not of concern to the woman alone  because the woman is the core of the community  and whenever the woman is perfect and healthy the community will become healthy and perfect and capable of growth and development calling for adressing the issues effectively between the two genders.
The Youths Have To Adopt Real Roles in the Community
Ahmed Mahmoud the President of the National forum of youths for combating circumcision of females and child marrage  that the conference was held with the particpation of one hundred youths of both genders representing the different states of Sudan .
The youths were selcted for the sake of creating an aware generation that fight adverse traditions practised against the children   and their communities stressing that  the youths of both gneders are beginning to take leading roles in a growing manner at the domestic instiutions in the recent years as they represent a percentage of 60% of Sudan’s population  a matter that made tem undertake real roles in the societal issues of concern to them in the first place and harmful and damaging to their health and the community as whole.
UNCEF: With the Participation of Partners Sudan is Free of Damaging Customs
United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) representative has affirmed that the youths are the coming generations of fathers and mothers  andthy are  the ones who will lead the Sudanese community free of female circumcision and child marrage.
She elaborated that in the year 2008  more than 950 communities met represebting 1.9 million of population  and they represent men of religion , the community and the medical cadres and they pledged to abandon the custom of female circumcision  and in the year 2016 in December youths from all over Sudan gathered in Obeid city and pledged with their peers to abandon the custom of female circuncision  highlghting the social change for protecting girls from this custom  has started to grow and it requires sponsorship.
She affirmed their involovement in the social change by  adopting UNICEF directives for  preparing programs of transformation and international change  noting that they delighted with the participation of the youths in the discussion and exchange of positive criteria  highligting the council’s support  youths mobility.
She affirmed that the support of the UNICEF , the partners who are the World Heath Organization , The Population Fund as part of the strategic plan of eliminating females circumcision  stressing that this requires colective work  to preseve the maternal health and ensure that all the laws are protecting and limiting to this practises.
She noted that by the p[articpationof the government and men of relgion , the non-governmental organizations aqnd the youths to ensure that Sudan is free of practising these habits.
The recommendations of the conference has called for  limiting and averting the customs of females circumcisionand chaild marrage  and the p[artciaption of the youths in the legislations relatted to child marrage and females circumcision  and forming  pressure groups  inside the Judiciary systems and the legislative systems.
Along with inculding the issue of females circumcision and child marrage in the educational syllabous as well as coordinating youths intiatives  that aim at combating these two issues  along with using arts and heritage in the call and awareness of combating harmful practises to the children  as well qas domestic dialects  and giving a priority to the nomades  along with holding  solidaritycampaigns to eliminate these two damaging customs as well as establishing habilitaion centers.