Current Date:

Monday, 23 October 2017

Hydrogen Factory Inaugurated in Sudan

Khartoum -  The Ministry of Environment has disclosed completion of all arrangements for re-operating the traditional stations and the building of the bulletin studios of the Meteorology  in Sudan
The Minister of Environment, Physical Development & Natural Resources Hassan Hilal has disclosed that the cost of the project has amounted to 2.7 million US Dollars, ensuring completion of  installation of eight tradition stations  out of 12 stations through the Chinese aid of the year 2017 .
Hilal has yesterday laid down the foundation stone of the Hydrogen Factory at the General Authority of Meteorology observation and the building of the weather forecast studio which will be opened in the month of April and it will be provided with all the activities of the Ministry especially in the fields of workshops awareness and enlightenment
He called for the need for habilitating the networks weather observation saying that all the  traditional systems of observation will be replaced by up to date systems via the Chinese aid stressing the keenness of his ministry on removing all the problems and obstacles disrupting work at the Authority due to the big role played in observation and gauging , diversification   and promoting the sources of productive resources and the capacities for bringing about a comprehensive renaissance to the country.