Current Date:

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Southern Leading Figure Defects from Opposition, Joins Salvation Front

Khartoum: A spokesperson of Buma region at Biobor state in South Sudan, Joseph Kol has announced their defection from the southern opposition and joining the Salvation front led by Thomas Chirillo.
He added that the objectives for which they stood up were not realized due to the tribal vision adopted by the opposition which was led by Riak Machar, noting that they have joined the front to unify the opposition ranks in one vision and ending the tribal system in South Sudan under the leadership of Salva Kiir.
He affirmed, in a statement of which Sudan Vision has received a copy yesterday, that the opposition will realize the targets of the opposition and gather them in one entity for the downfall of Salva Kiir’s regime.
The statement added that their alliance with the front will realize their targets demanding the international community to accelarte the rescue of the citizens of Boma and Biobor  region where affected by the humanitarian conditions  and the spread of fatal  deseases, stressing that  Salva Kirr regime has committed rape of elderly women and children