Current Date:

Saturday, 25 November 2017

US Pressures Led to Postponement of the Arab Conference in Support of Sudan

Khartoum - Minister of International Cooperation, Osman Ahmed Fadil said that the US economic embargo on Sudan, in the previous period, prevented Sudan's accession to the World Trade Organization.
The minister said, in Blue Nile TV interview, that the national dialogue, will of the people of Sudan and Sudan’s leadership role in the Arab and African regions has played a major role in convincing the United States of the importance of dealing with Sudan and lifting the economic sanctions.
 He stressed that Sudan has applied to join the World Trade Organization amid a large response from countries, indicating that join of Sudan represents new hope towards openness to the world and to achieve transparency and the rule of law and that the Sudan has the capabilities and experience that qualifies it to join the organization after presenting technical papers and prepared for matrix to keep up with international trade requirements.
He said Sudan has good relations in the mutual benefits with the countries of the African continent, besides that Sudan enjoys excellent relations with the Arab Gulf states and Asian countries, as well as trade exchange with Europe.
The minister pointed out that the secession of the south and the loss of oil has led to a significant impact on vital sectors, where the ministry faced that by preparing an emergency plans across organizations and agencies that deal with Sudan, praising the role of the UN organizations in Sudan and the Japanese organizations, along with the Turkish agencies and the State of Qatar, which played an important role in stability in the Darfur region.
On the Arab conference for reconstruction in Sudan, the minister said that the idea of the conference stemmed from Turkey meeting, where Arab states have agreed to support the Sudan, but the idea has faced pressure from the United States and stopped and that Sudan renewed the idea through the Assistant Secretary General of the Arab League, Dr. Kamal Hassan Ali, expecting that the conference be held in the coming months.